“Problems, problems with everything”
– From “Problems” by Against Me

Here is a list of problems you told me you saw in our relationship:
1) We didn’t go on enough dates
2) I didn’t say “I love you” enough

Wow. Look at that. What a shithead I am. How could I have been so terrible to you? Now I get why you had an affair. You were right to escape this hell hole of a marriage by any means possible.

We didn’t go on enough dates? Ok, fine. A reasonable request. I mean, we were busy people and we did spend 90% our time outside of work together (soccer, drinks with friends, watching TV, dinner at home, etc.) but you wanted to go out just the 2 of us. Understandable. So when I tried to make plans several times, how did you respond? “Oh, I can’t. I have this thing or that thing”. Right. Ok then. And did you plan any dates? Nope. So don’t pin this on me. At least I tried.

I didn’t say I love you enough? I’m sorry but were you completely blind to my actions? Cooking you dinner. Back rubs. Paying attention to you when you talked about your day. Working with you on living life together. I told you saying “I love you” isn’t something I’m going to do all the time. I prefer to show you. Words are easy. Anyone can say words. Did you say “I love you” to me all the time? Nope. So was this really that important you?

Whatever problems you thought we had, you didn’t make an effort to resolve them. These were solvable. With minimal effort. I tried. You didn’t. You told me “I didn’t think I had to tell you how to love me.” We were together for 8 years. If you didn’t like the way that I showed my love why would you stick around? I mean, you couldn’t possibly have thought a wedding would magically change anything? Right? Are you that delusional?

There are problems with everything in this world you selfish twat. As an only child, you were the center of attention. But despite being over 30, you still have no idea how to act like an adult and handle the simpliest of relationship “issues”. Heather Elise Wade